Blue Tier MTB trails

Described by Flow Mountain biking as one of the “most hyped-up, talked-about and photographed trails in Australia” the recently developed Blue Tier Mountain bike trails opened in 2016 and continue to receive rave reviews from riders.

Blue Tier Mountain bike trails consist of three trails all constructed by the renowned World Trail. The longest Blue Tier trail is just over 20km and starts on a mountain plateau where a mining town of Poimena once stood. With ever changing stunning scenery the trail extends through the mountains of the Blue Tier before heading into dense rainforest crossing crystal clear streams and ends at the tiny town of Weldborough. There are two other trails in this area – Little Chook at 5.9km is a green run and suitable for all skill levels. The longer Big Chook trail is more suited to experienced riders is part of the Blue Tier descent trail.

The trails are quite remote so choosing Blue Tier Mountain Bike trails accommodation can be difficult. Destination Bay of Fires offer great options in the Bay of Fires area for your Blue Tier Mountain Bike trails accommodation. With the opening of the Bay of Fidres descent trail in Poimena by booking your Blue Tier Mountain Bike trails accommodation in Binalong Bay you will be able to easily access both trails.

Location: The start of the The Blue Tier trail is located at Poimena in the Blue Tier Reserve and finished at the town of Weldborough. It is around 45 minutes drive from Weldborough to the town of St Helens or 1 hour from Binalong Bay.
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Things to know: The Blue Tier trail is not for the faint-hearted and is recommended for experienced riders. The Blue Tier and Big Chook trails do close for the majority of July and August. It is recommended to book a shuttle up to Poimena if doing the Blue Tier trail run.
For further information on the Blue Tier Mountain bike trails trails refer to the St Helens Mountain Bike Trails Information Pack.

Local tip: Be sure to allow time for lunch at the historic Weldborough Hotel after riding the Blue Tier Trails. It has an awesome range of craft beers on tap and serves up very generous and tasty pub meals!

Blue Tier Forest Reserve
Weldborough Hotel
Weldborough Hotel
Weldborough Hotel
Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails, Blue Tier Descent