Secret River Tours

Secret River Kayak and Gem Hunting Tours provides a personalized service for the adventurous traveller looking for a unique outdoor experience. Secret River Kayak Tours features luxury class, pedal-powered kayaks suitable for all ages and abilities for both kayaking and fishing adventures.
Secret River Tours also conducts unique gem hunting tours, suitable for all ages and abilities, to the “secret ” gem fields of North East Tasmania, hunting for Sapphire, Zircons, Topaz, Tourmaline and many other minerals and crystals


T: 0435 914 869

Secret river – Gem 5
Secret river – Kayak 2
Secret river – Gem 1
Secret river – Kayak 1
Secret river – Gem 6
Secret river – Gem 3
Secret river – Gem 4
Secret river – Gem 2
Secret river – Fish